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At Enovativ, we aim at offering the finest static website design services in Vadodara that can fortify your startup and support you in reaching the target audience. Static websites are the most ideal for start-ups. Since the companies in their infant stage only try to impart information about their products and services, a static site is recommended. The static website is not much interactive as the dynamic one and does not require you to update the content often. It is true that such websites offer easy navigation even if you are on a lower bandwidth.


Static Web Design contains a website with web pages linked to each other using a font or graphics-based logo, and containing text, and simple design graphics. Furthermore, our Professional web designers Create an attractive, professional, unique website design which is easy to navigate, browser compatible and with easily downloadable graphics.

Static web Design is for the people who prefer a significant search engine friendly website, one that delivers content for which website visitors are searching. If you don’t need to update your website content regularly and information on the website is fixed, then static web design is the best option for you.

With a static web design, you can make simple changes very quickly and more importantly, it is much more cost effective. However, if you often change your website content then you should go for a dynamic website which costs you a little more but has vast potential in terms of functionality.

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Navigation is indeed a significant factor of a website. If you provide easy navigation, it will become easier for your audience to get everything in its proper place. The static website gives the most straight forward navigation to the client.


it is quite clear that everybody must stay protected against time consuming activities to give golden hours to other important tasks or enjoy with dears. .


During the detailed discussion, we resolve their query with precise answer. This policy helps us in a wonderful to fetch the expected results and keep all kinds of unforeseen situations aside.


One of the top reasons most businesses prefer static website design service is that it is user-friendly. Your users don't have to put much effort into operating the website.


Different people have different preferences. If you want a wider audience for your business, you must provide a website that is compatible with a different browser. The static website is compatible with all the major browsers.


The Static website design is pretty simple and smooth in functioning. So, that means your target audience would not face any confusion regarding your service. Additionally, you don't need to spend much money on the static website design service.

Benefits of Static Website Development: